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The series of high quality visualization renders are based on Apple products in a proposed gold color. The idea is to showcase some stylish, realistic photos of Apple product such as iMac (Pro), MacBook and Mac Pro in gold version.


Cal was first. The first public university in the great state of California. They are the pioneers. They are the trailblazers who started it all.


Sometimes, we need to check the time, wondering when our work or meeting will finish, without getting caught by others.


Published- September 26th 2019


Once the brand strategy was sharp and real for everyone inside of the company, all the brand behavior started to roll out as stationary material.


Cal was first. The first public university in the great state of California. They are the pioneers.


Striking and powerful Aston Martin Vantage captivates you at the first sight.


Bastian bux is the consequence of reducing everything surrounding a dj and producer to its essential element: the music.

Wheezart is a comprehensive creative studio offering state-of-the-art design and content services. We thrive to achieve your business goals with our commitment to excellence and a strong team of professionals at your disposal. Our people are qualified enough to understand your requirements, experienced enough to deliver a competitive quality, and compassionate enough to align their thoughts with your brand’s vision. A campaign itself does not become a revolution until it is backed by a well-planned strategy, great research, and a team that willing to go on any heights.


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Branding is about building experiences, and image of your company. An effective branding strategy is all required to stay ahead of the pack.


We believe that every company, product or even a campaign has a story behind it, turning it into engaging content is a crucial part of making a brand.


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I was looking for a logo design that resonates with my passion and love for music. At Wheezart, I got exactly what I wanted. I appreciate that they work for quality and perfection.

- Piyush Mehroliyaa Singer

Our experience of working with Wheezart has been amazing. They understand what we need as a client, and make sure the final deliverables are worth it. They put their heart and soul into the brands they create.

- Raghvendra Naik Director, Accute Laser Die