Wheezart - A Creative Agency

We beautifully blend the art, our instinct and the strategy to create powerful brands and grow businesses.

About Us

Welcome to Wheezart™, where innovation breathes life into artistry, and technology amplifies the reach of creativity. As a pioneering force in the digital landscape, WheezArt stands as a testament to the seamless integration of an advertising agency’s flair for the imaginative with the precision of a software company.

Our Identity: At Wheezart, our name is a reflection of our ethos. Derived from ‘wheeze’—a term that encapsulates clever and often unusual ideas—and ‘art’, we embody the spirit of ingenious creativity. Our brand is a registered trademark of Invikta Technologies, a beacon of innovation and excellence in the tech industry.

Our Vision: We envision a world where advertising is not just seen or heard but felt and experienced. Wheezart is dedicated to crafting campaigns that resonate and software solutions that empower. Our dual expertise enables us to offer a unique value proposition—delivering not only captivating narratives but also the technological prowess to bring those stories to life across various platforms.

Our Mission: Bridging the gap between an advertising agency and a software company, Wheezart is committed to redefining the boundaries of digital marketing. We harness the power of cutting-edge technology to elevate brand experiences, ensuring that each campaign we undertake is as impactful as it is innovative.


Passion, Perfection, Prudence

From ideation to execution, we brainstorm every possibility to discover digital solutions to get closer to your vision of the brand. The stories we tell, the content we create and designs we deliver are synchronized to one main goal – to get the best.


Our Process

Define & Discover

It all starts with your thoughts, we understand your brand at present and where it headed. We ask a lot of questions, the right ones to define your goals and discover your dreams.

Ideate & Evaluate

We brainstorm ideas, consider every possibility and opportunity, evaluate the performance and come up with compelling strategy.

Design & Develop

Its time for creativity playing with technologies and techniques to resonate with your brand and voice. Not just that sometimes we get our hands dirty to play with colors and go manual to achieve the ultimate goal.

Execute & Evolve

We bring our plan to action now be at launching a website or a campaign, we do it with full power and potential. We understand there is always a room for improvement, so we keep evolving.

What clients say

Feedback from our clients.

I was looking for a logo design that resonates with my passion and love for music. At Wheezart, I got exactly what I wanted. I appreciate that they work for quality and perfection.

Piyush Mehroliyaa

Musical Artist

Our experience of working with Wheezart has been amazing. They understand what we need as a client, and make sure the final deliverables are worth it. They put their heart and soul into the brands they create.

Raghvendra Naik

Director | Accute Laser Die